Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

Jim Mattis – Secretary of Defense

The secretary of the defense is responsible for directing the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The defense secretary’s main duties include:

  1. Plan, create, and implement policies related to the nation’s security, and military affairs.
  2. The secretary is also responsible for resource and fiscal management of the department of defense.
  3. Together with the president, the defense secretary makes up the National Command Authority, which refers to their authority over weapons, and military orders.

James Norman Mattis:

In 1969, Jim Mattis joined the Marine Corps Reserve, and was became a second lieutenant by 1972. In 1994, Mattis graduated from the National War College with a Master of Arts degree in International Security Affairs. He was known in the armed forces for his intelligence as one of the higher ranking officers. By the end of his lengthy military career he served as the Commander of the United States Central Command. Mattis then retired from the military in 2013. He was the first of Trump’s cabinet to be confirmed in 2017 and almost unanimously with a vote 98-1.

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