President Donald Trump

Donald Trump – President of the United States

There are eight formal roles of the president of the United States. Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Administrator, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Party Chief and Citizen Chief:

  1. Chief of State: This means the president is the head of and rules over the United States government. He is a symbol of the U.S. people.
  2. Chief Executive: He has access to certain executive powers to make decisions in foreign and domestic affairs, but is limited by government checks and balances.
  3. Chief Administrator: As head of the executive branch, the president is seated above 2.7 million employees.
  4. Chief Diplomat: Meaning the president is the main decision maker on United States foreign policy.
  5. Commander in Chief: The president has direct control of the United States armed forces.
  6. Chief Legislator: Provides the guidelines of public policy. A majority of the presidents time is generally used collaborating with congress. He can also make requests for congress to act on certain issues.
  7. Chief of Party: The president is the leader of his political party
  8. Chief Citizen: Represents the citizens of the United States, and is expected to work in their interests.

Donald John Trump:

Donald Trump graduated from the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor of science in economics. During his education he started working for the family business Elizabeth Trump & Son, later changing the name to The Trump Organization. In 1971 Trump became the president of the organization when his father became a member of the board. The company worked largely with real-estate, renovating and constructing high-rise buildings, casinos, golf courses and hotels. He also managed multiple side businesses including producing and starring in a reality television show called ‘The Apprentice’, and later ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’. Donald Trump stepped down from his position as president of The Trump Organization when he took office as president of the United States, handing the company over to his oldest two sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr., and the current CFO Allen Weisselberg.

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