One Employee Sends Hawaii Into State of Panic

Hawaiians on Saturday morning had a dash of terror with their breakfast after receiving a false alert warning of an inbound ballistic missle threat. After 38 minutes of panic, the government rescinded the alert, advising the threat was a false alarm and there was no known ballistic missile launch. The emergency alert sent out to... Continue Reading →


Iran Blocks Instagram and Telegram Apps Temporarily in Effort to Decrease Violence Amid Protests

Government leaders in Iran have temporarily blocked access to the messaging and social media applications Telegram and Instagram. Reports state that the apps were being used for coordination and execution of plans for demonstrations. Protests initially started a few days ago and was focused around income inequality. An unknown spokesperson stated that the blocking of... Continue Reading →

Ex-Uber Employee Claims Secretive Unit Performed Unlawful Acts Including Hacking and Surveillance of Competitors

On Friday, a 37-page letter written by the attorney of a former Uber security employee was made public. The past employee is Richard Jacobs, who was a manager of global intelligence for the company. The letter alleges the following of the ride-sharing companies employees and contractors engages in the following practices: Participated in illegal surveillance... Continue Reading →

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