Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions – Attorney General

The attorney general represents the United States government in all legal situations. Duties include:

  1. Advises the President and other executives on legal matters involving the government
  2. Acts as the chief officer for the Department of Justice
  3. Supervises over federal interpretation of law, and provides counsel in federal legal cases.
  4. Represents the United States when needed in cases brought to the supreme court.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III:

Jeff Sessions graduated from Huntingdon College, and then later the University of Alabama School of Law with a professional law degree in 1973. After being an assistant United States attorney for 6 years, he was nominated by Ronald Reagan to be the United States attorney for the southern district of Alabama until 1993. In 1994 Sessions was elected as attorney general for the State of Alabama. Then in 1996 he was elected to the United States senate, where he kept his seat until he was sworn in as the attorney general for the Trump Administration in 2017.

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