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Welcome to The Great Again Report! We appreciate you taking a moment to stop and learn a little more about us.

The Great Again Report is a blog ran by two independent writers who have a passion for politics, world government, and national news. You will notice a common style of writing in our articles: Bipartisan, fact rather than opinion, and news at both a local and national level. National news outlets have been divided by the left vs. the right agendas and sometimes it’s confusing to understand what’s really true and what’s being misleading or exaggerated. We chose to write with our form of style for the purpose of letting you get valuable and factual stories of current events around the world that allows you to draw your own opinions without subjection to a political agenda.

Here are are a couple things we wanted to to let you know:

1. The Great Again Report: Is the name of our blog because the idea for it was conceived after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016. This blogs intention is to observe and document the agenda of the Trump Administration, the progress being made, and its affect on citizens of America and leaders around the world. Do not take the name of our blog as support for Donald Trump only! We report fairly and factually to the best of our abilities.

2. Where We Get Our Facts: The TGAR team pulls their facts from multiple news sources. We do this to ensure that the information we are providing is accurate amongst multiple news outlets obtaining the information from their personal sources. The more sources you verify the information with, the more likely it is that you are reading news that is true rather than FAKE NEWS, like Donald Trump would say. (That was a joke, sometimes we like to be funny, too!)

We hope you enjoy what you read. We would absolutely love to hear from you about your opinions, ideas for future stories, interviews, and more.

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