California’s Thomas Fire Now Just 500 Acres From Becoming the Largest Fire in State History

The Thomas Fire in California inches closer to becoming the largest fire in California State history. As of Friday, the fire has ravaged a total of 272,800 acres of land. Firefighters have so far managed to contain the fire by 65%, and have reported that the fire spreading far less aggressively than in it’s first week.

It seems now that any further spread of the fire would be part of the efforts to contain the blaze. Brandon Vaccaro, the captain of the California City Fire Department stated:

“Any growth that we see or is reflected in the acreage will be based on the control burns.”

One of the controlled burns mentioned will be attempted near highway 33 to stop the Thomas Fire from spreading past that point, and could scorch up to another 20,000 acres. With the use of bulldozers and fire engines, the fire engineers are able to set the pace of the fires burn.

The majority of evacuation orders were lifted by Thursday, with only a small area in the wilderness still under mandatory orders. During the worst of the fire 100,000 people had been displaced from their homes, but has only grown roughly 1,000 acres in the last couple days.



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