Britain First Leaders Banned From Twitter After Donald Trump’s Re-tweets of Anti-Islamic Videos

If you haven’t already, you can read our story on the anti-Muslim videos that President Donald Trump re-tweeted that were originally posted by far-right political group Britain First HERE.

Twitter announced this morning it would begin enforcing it’s new rules against hateful and abusive behavior:



After implementing a new policy on what Twitter considers to be hate speech, they have imposed a ban on Britain First’s deputy leader, Jayda Fransen. Fransen was responsible for posting the three original videos that President Trump later re-tweeted in a flurry. The official Twitter account for Britain First, and it’s leader Paul Golding have also been banned in response to accusations that Twitter hasn’t been doing enough to prevent hate speech. Other accounts including the American Nazi party have been been suspended as well amidst the crackdown.

Twitter appears to be taking a much more robust stand against users attempting to incite violence or posting hateful images. However, they did admit that mistakes may be made with the un-warranted suspension of accounts as the company seeks to be more aggressive toward abusers.

“Today, we are starting to enforce these policies across Twitter. In our efforts to be more aggressive here, we may make some mistakes and are working on a robust appeals process. We’ll evaluate and iterate on these changes in the coming days and weeks, and will keep you posted on progress along the way,”



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