U.S. CIA Assists Russia in Stopping an IS Terror Attack on St. Petersburg

On Sunday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin called United States President Donald Trump to express his gratitude for the C.I.A. providing information that allowed Russian authorities to detain IS terrorists planning an attack.

On the Kremlin’s website a statement was posted that stated:

“The information received from the C.I.A. was sufficient to search for and detain criminals,”

“The head of the Russian state asked the American president to convey words of thanks to the director of the C.I.A. and the American intelligence officers who received this information.”

The arrests were made on Friday, and the attacks were said to have been planned for this Sunday. Targets were to include the Kazan Cathedral, and other heavily populated areas. The Russian FSB security agency claimed seven people were arrested, and they seized a hefty cache of weaponry including explosives.

During the phone call, Putin was said to have reassured Trump that Russian agencies would do the same if it had information to prevent an attack in the United States.






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