New Research Suggests Sea Levels Could Submerge Land Inhabited by over 150 Million People by 2100

A recent publication seems to suggest that water levels could rise by nearly double that of current predictions. A journal called Earth’s Future explains that with current emissions, sea levels could rise as much as 4 feet, 9 inches by 2100. Previous estimates by the United Nations Panel on Climate Change in 2014 showed an increase of only 2 feet 5 inches.

The wild increase in sea levels will be largely due to the disintegration of ice sheet masses that break off into the ocean. The original report by the United Nations doesn’t take into account that large pieces of ice may break off due to instability and melt quickly into the sea.

The paper does explain that it is possible to avoid such devastation if temperature goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement are met with the reduction of carbon emissions. This means keeping temperatures from rising 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. However, researchers have deemed it unlikely that we will meet these goals globally.




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