Donald Trump Fires Back At Kirsten Gillibrand On Twitter After Calling For His Resignation

Donald Trump has caught himself in another heated Twitter battle, only this time isn’t about fake news or Roy Moore, but his own past of sexual misconduct that has come to haunt him once again. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was on the receiving end of Mr. Trump’s comments on Tuesday, has made it clear that his verbal attacks will not intimidate her into silence after she called for an investigation into the President for his past sexual behaviors as well as calling for his resignation.

Senator Gillibrand called for action against the President after 3 women who came out against Mr. Trump during the 2016 election season, claiming he groped and kissed them without consent in past encounters, reignited their flames on Monday. The women spoke publicly, demanding to have their stories taken seriously. When their accusations against Mr. Trump surfaced after the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape, the stories they told were written off and soon forgotten as they were seen to be outdated and politically motivated rather than factual claims. Now, after the culture of speaking out about these allegations has changed following the New York Times release of a major investigative story into Harvey Weinstein, the women are hoping for a second chance to be heard.

Rachel Crooks, former receptionist for a company affiliated with Donald Trumps real estate dealings, claimed Mr. Trump kissed her on the mouth in 2005, an action done without her consent. Crooks stated “This was serial misconduct and perversion on the part of Mr. Trump. Unfortunately, this behavior isn’t rare in our society, and people of all backgrounds can be victims. The only reason I am here today is that the offender is now the President of our country,”

Although there were only 3 women sitting next to each other while speaking about their accusations, CNN has reported that at least 15 women had reported the Presidents inappropriate behavior, 13 of which were direct victims and 2 others that witnessed the inappropriate behaviors, making them feel uneasy.

Donald Trump has continued to deny the allegations against him and his tweet was defended by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who stayed that “There’s no way that this is sexist at all” after she was asked about sexual implications that may have been behind the tweet.

The fiery Twitter comments from Mr. Trump came on the day of the special Alabama elections, where Roy Moore who has been accused of sexually assaulting underage women, hopes to win his seat in the Senate. Despite calls for him to leave the race from Republican leaders, like Mitch McConnell and Jeff Sessions, Presidents Trump officially endorsed Mr. Moore last week, sending signals to women around the country that voting in a sexual offender is a better option than allowing a Democrat to take his place.


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