Funding Approved for South Korea’s ‘Decapitation Unit’ Against North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un

A New York Times report earlier in September this year, brought awareness to South Korean plans to create a ‘decapitation unit’ for use against Kim Jong-Un and other North Korean leaders if war were to start. The plans came about shortly after North Korea’s 6th nuclear missile test, defying all calls for nuclear activity to cease.

Now in December, South Korean state news agency, Yonhap, stated that earlier this week 340 million won (roughly $310,000) would be budgeted for the unit. Although, the number seems small in comparison to the overall 42+ trillion won budget for the South Korean defense ministry, officials claim the amount will be increased over time.

One official stated this first allocation of funds will be dedicated to “purchasing equipment for the special forces,”. They also included that “The equipment includes suicide drones, surveillance drones and grenade machine guns.”.

The unit is said to be about 1,000 soldiers strong, but is not yet fully operational, and is still in need of aircraft capable or placing the unit’s soldiers inside North Korea. The group may also be used for special night raids across the Korean border that aren’t directly related to assassination attempts.

The ministry claims that it expects to dedicate another 26 billion won over the next year in attempt to bring the unit up to full operating capacity. Aside from the so-called ‘decapitation unit’, the defense budget has also allotted money for a drone combat unit that will be used for surveillance and remote air strikes.



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