United Nations Condemns Trump Decision to Move Israeli Capital

On Friday, 8 United Nations security council members called a special meeting in New York over the United States decision to establish Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Multiple countries directly rejected the Trump administrations actions. The Peace Process Coordinator, Nikolay Mladenov stated:

“The United Nations has repeatedly declared that any unilateral decision that seeks to alter the character and status of Jerusalem or that may alter these long-standing principles could seriously undermine current peace efforts and may have repercussions across the region,”

Mladenov also said he was afraid of violent escalation in response to the announcement, and said we are at a “critical moment in the long-running history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”. France, Britain, and Germany also rallied against the decision calling for it to be a choice made by the two states involve. They also raised concerns about how it would affect peace discussions in the region. In a Reuter’s report it is said the 3 countries asked for details on what steps the United States would take in it’s effort to broker peace between the nations.

Israel however, commended Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu sent a video message calling the decision “an important step towards peace”.

Since the announcement, multiple protests, some violent, have erupted. In Sweden, firebombs were lobbed at a synagogue after protests organized against the U.S. decision. Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza amid their own protests about Jerusalem. Also in Gaza, a rocket was launched and landed in the courtyard of a kindergarten building.

The Saudi Royal Court released a statement warning of “dangerous consequences of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem”, and also said it would be “a big step back in efforts to advance the peace process”.








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