Google to Face Possible Fine of £2.7 Billion for Collecting iPhone User Data Without Consent

A newly founded consumer campaign called “Google You Owe Us” alleges that between June of 2011 and February of 2012 Google collected data from iPhone users without consent, and proceeded to use the information to target an estimated 5.4 million users with advertising. The campaign is led Richard Lloyd, who plans to bring the tech leader to court seeking compensation for those affected.

Claims state that Google used technology specifically developed to acquire user data held by the iPhone’s default web browser app Safari with the use of cookies (files used to track users on the internet). The technology is said to be designed in a way that it ignores Apple’s default privacy settings, and is being called the “Safari Workaround”.

If proven, the workaround would be in violation of the Data Protection Act 1998, and according to Section 13 of the act, those that have been violated may demand compensation for such infractions.

During a program on Radio 4 (Owned by BBC), Lloyd had this to say.

“At the moment there is a sense that Google and similar tech giants from Silicon Valley are behaving as if they are above the law, that they can’t be held to account in the courts in this country.”

“What we’re asking the court to do is allow me to represent the five and half million people that were affected, all on the same basis that their data rights were breached, and that Google should be held to account.”

Google also spoke to BBC and stated

“This is not new – we have defended similar cases before. We don’t believe it has any merit and we will contest it.”

As it proceeds this will be the first time in the U.K. that a mass claim such as this has reached their courts. If successful, victims could receive around £500.00 in compensation, which would equate to about a £2.7 billion in payout by Google.



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