Handwritten Amendments to Senate Tax Bill Just Hours Before Votes are Cast Anger Senate Democrats UPDATE: $1.4 Trillion Tax Bill Narrowly Passes in Senate

As the senate prepares to vote on the newly proposed tax bill, democrats on the floor find hardly legible hand-written amendments. These rough amendments came just hours before the expected vote, and caused backlash on Twitter from multiple senators calling the bill a scam by the GOP.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota tweeted this shortly after receiving access to the bill.

So here is pg 257 of the bill with handwritten changes…the tax bill is so last minute that they are scribbling on the margins. The issue? These scribbles (all 500 Pgs of them) will set the American tax system for a decade. #ThisIsYourTaxBillAndYouDon’tKnowWhat’sInIt #SpeakOut

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois also lashed out on Twitter about the handwritten changes proposed by the GOP.

UPDATE: Senate Republicans are so desperate to pass their tax bill tonight that they’re now making handwritten changes to their already handwritten changes… Seriously.

Democrats also complained as they only have hours to review the bill before casting their vote. Senator Chuck Schumer called for the senate to allow the length of the weekend to analyze the bill before voting. However, GOP senators opposed Schumer’s  amendment, which would force a vote on the bill tonight.

The Congressional Budget Office released information to suggest that the bill would increase the deficit by 1.4 trillion dollars. GOP senators argue that the economic growth that the bill will create will largely outweigh the deficit that the CBO claims will be created.

The bill is expected to pass tonight as the only Republican Senator expected to vote against it is Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. Corker raised concerns over the spending that would occur upon it’s passing, and had this to say.

“At the end of the day, I am not able to cast aside my fiscal concerns and vote for legislation that I believe, based on the information I currently have, could deepen the debt burden on future generations,”

As of now, votes on amendments to the bill continue, and voting for the legislation itself has not yet commenced. Stay tuned for the outcome of the final vote, and learn more from the links below.







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