Michael Flynn Expected To Plead Guilty Friday After Being Charged With Making False Statements To FBI

Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor for Donald Trump, is expected to plead guilty Friday after being charged with making false statements to the FBI. Mr. Flynn was asked to step down from his government role earlier this year after the controversy broke that he mislead Vice President about a conversation that took place with Russian contacts.

The charges against Mr. Flynn show that the former NSA Director lied to the FBI about contacts with a Russian Ambassador in which he discussed sanctions. The charges were brought by Robert Mueller who is leading the investigation into Russian Meddling in the 2016 elections. Me. Flynn is the 4th but most senior member of the Trump Campaign to be charged due to the ongoing investigation that started prior to President Trump taking office.

Earlier last week, it was reported by the New York Times, Fox News, and CNN that Michael Flynn’s lawyers had stopped communicating with the White House legal team in regards to the special counsel investigation which indicated that he was most likely cooperating with Mr. Mueller in order to agree to a plea deal.

Mr. Flynn has been a loyal supporter of Mr. Trump in the past, however reporting states that he has had major concerns about possible charges against his son and former chief of staff Michael Flynn Jr. which may have been the cause of the cease of communication.

Mr. Flynn is expected to be present in Federal Court today in Washington at 10:30am.


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