Islamic Countries Ban Together to Wipe Terrorism from the Face of the Earth

“Our common enemy is terrorism, not any religion, sect or race.”

-Saudi Lieutenant General Abdulelah al-Saleh

Just days after a devastating attack on an Egyptian mosque in a small village within Ismailia, a counter-terrorism alliance of Muslim majority nations met today to continue the fight against extremism. Led by Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the group intends to purge terrorists and extremists from their countries.

Although Syria and Iraq are not included in the alliance despite the recent victories to topple the ISIS caliphates in each country. Iran, a bitter rival of Saudi Arabia, was also not included in the group. Some of the 40 countries involved include the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Somalia, Uganda, Mauritania, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, and Qatar, although no Qatari officials were present.

Not every country shares the same view on what the groups priorities will be, but they are allowed to offer up financial support for certain initiatives. Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh fronted the initial bill for the alliance’s new center of over 100 million USD.

The coalition has yet to identify any direct action against extremist forces, but they encourage countries to aide the others in any way they can to combat terrorism, not just militarily, but financially and ideologically as well. Military initiatives have been presented to the alliances council, but little information has been revealed on that front.

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