Deadly Attack on Ismailia, Egypt Mosque Leaves 305 Dead Another 128 Wounded

The al Rawdah Sufi Mosque in Ismailia, Egypt was attacked Friday in a full assault by up to 30 gunmen equipped with automatic weaponry. Witnesses describe 5 SUV’s arriving at the front of the mosque unloading militants branded with the black flag of the IS. Shortly after, the men took position and began their attack on the peaceful crowd inside.

Since Friday, 305 have been confirmed dead, 27 of which were children, and another 128 have been confirmed injured. One witness claims that after the initial assault, the gunmen then patrolled the mosque looking for survivors, and survived only when he found himself beneath the corpses of his fellow worshipers.

At least one of the men who entered the mosque was stated to have brandished an ISIS flag, but no group has made claim to the assault thus far. Security forces within Egypt predict ties to ISIS or Al-Qaeda because of the heavy weaponry and vehicles the men were equipped with.

This is a truly devastating blow to the community and people within the vicinity. The small village that was attacked, has only a population of about 800, meaning more than 50% of the entire population was directly killed or wounded by the attack, and hundreds more affected by the loss or injury of a friend or family member.

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