Tuesday Rundown: What Just Happened?

Americans all over the country today were washed with waves of pre-thanksgiving breaking news stories after multiple events, such as the repeal of net neutrality laws and Donald Trumps comments on Roy Moore, emerged into the spotlight. We know you are busy, so just in case you have found yourself asking what just happened after the whirlwind day, we have the rundown of what you missed.

Repeal of Net Neutrality Regulations

The Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C) announced today that they would repeal regulations placed on internet providers that ensure equal access of the internet. The move by Ajit Pai, The Trump elected chairman of the F.C.C, is seen as another tactic in the race to disintegrate Obama era policy. Removing regulations could allow internet providers to “throttle” internet services, block access to certain websites, and charging extra fees.

The President of Zimbabwe Resigns

In a written letter, Robert Mugabe, the nearly 40 year ruler of Zimbabwe, resigned from his presidency on Tuesday after being expelled from his party last week. The resignation comes one day after the deadline set by his political party, ZANU-PF, after they demanded he step down from his position in order to avoid beginning the process of impeachment.

Uber Announces Hack of Personal Data – From One Year Ago

Uber announced on Tuesday that 57 million drivers and riders have had their data stolen in a security breach. Worse, the company admitted to the attack occurring one year ago, in which the company did not disclose to the public. Joe Sullivan, Uber’s security officer, has been removed from his position due to the incident.

President Trump Pardons A Turkey, Followed By Comments Defending Roy Moore

In the Rose Garden, President Trump gleefully participated in annual turkey pardoning tradition of the White House. Afterwards, the President defended Roy Moore and his denials of sexual misconduct, stating that “He totally denies it,” and that “You have to listen to him, also.”

John Conyers Jr. Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democratic Party, called for the House Ethics Committee to investigate sexual harassment allegations towards Representative John Conyers Jr. who is one of the longest serving Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee.

The representative had confirmed that he settled a wrongful termination suit in 2015 of a woman who claimed he fired her for denying his offer to have sex with him, however denied that she was fired for that reason.


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