Second Trump Branded Tower Hotel Linked to Money Laundering and Cartels

The Trump name has been leased to a second Tower Hotel with links to corruption and illegal activity. The Trump Tower Baku is located in Azerbaijan, a country along the Caspian Sea known for it’s corruption.

Similarly to the Hotel in Panama, the Baku Hotel project was lead largely by Ivanka Trump. According to an NPR interview with The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson, Ivanka was “intimately involved” in every decision, and oversaw the construction of the project from the beginning. The interview then goes on to reveal how the Tower in Baku may have been “Trump’s worst deal”.

Ziya Mammadov, the former transportation minister of Azerbaijan, was noted as a key character of the Baku Tower project. Mammadov has also been also considered to be “notoriously corrupt even for Azerbaijan.” by U.S. diplomats. Adam Davidson of The New Yorker explains how Mammadov would create companies under the names of his family members as fronts for corruption. He was also known to have connections with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a group claimed to fund terrorism throughout the world.


Pictured Above: The Unfinished Trump Tower Baku

In 2015, construction on the tower halted due to late payments on behalf of the Mammadov family. The Hotel was removed from the Trump Hotel Collection website in Fall of 2015. Ivanka also removed all previous information regarding the Tower from her website. The Trump’s then went on to remove all affiliation with the project after the election in 2016.

There is still little evidence at this point to show any direct relationship to money laundering or corruption occurring in these project, but nevertheless any profits from such projects could very well be from illicit sources.


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