UPDATE: Mitch McConnell “I Believe the Women” in Roy Moore Sexual Assault Claims

On Monday, Mitch McConnell made a statement confirming the he believed the women claiming sexual assault against Roy Moore dating back to when they were teenagers. The house majority leader advised he believed Mr. Moore should step aside in the special election campaign to fill the spot of Jeff Sessions which will take place on December 12th. Mr. McConnell has also stated that a write in candidate was “an option we’re looking at”.

News broke late last week of a sexual assault claim against Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican Senate nominee. Mr. Moore had been accused of sexual misconduct of a 14 year old female in 1979 by the name of Leigh Corfman. It has also been rumored that it was not unheard of for Mr. Moore to date women under the age of 18 while he was in his 30’s. The allegations were immediately denied by Mr. Moore as politically motivated to sabotage his senate seat race however the news has overtaken his success. The weekend brought speculation and calls for Mr. Moore to step aside in the senate race due to the allegations however he objected and said he would not do so.

Other republican politicians, prior to Mr. McConnell stating his views on the matter, had urged Luther Strange to run as the write in candidate in place of Mr. Moore. Luther Strange was the opposing candidate of Roy Moore during the Republican primaries for the senate seat. Mr. Moore’s win over Mr. Strange in September became national news as President Trump had campaigned and tried to rally support for Mr. Strange who in the end came in second place.

To see the original post on this topic from The Great Again Report, please follow the link: Sexual Assault Claim Reaches the Senate


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